image_aboutRaona Roy, CEO

Raona is a talented, highly respected leader in the Capital Region. Her achievements can be characterized by big thinking driven by strategy and thoughtful execution. Exceptionally skilled in business and resource development, marketing strategy, financial acumen, and not-for-profit leadership, her guidance is beneficial to businesses and organizations looking to make a turnaround or achieve their next level of success.

With expertise in areas that are vital for new and growing businesses, Raona fully commits herself to advancing her clients’ big ideas and business development goals. She prefers a high level of engagement with her clients and passionately leverages her extensive connections to help them succeed

Past Affiliations

Tech Valley High School
As the first director of institutional advancement at Tech Valley High, Raona was tasked with providing strategic direction, developing infrastructure, building alliances with the business community, and identifying and engaging resources for the school. Educational partnerships with business and industry are at the core of Tech Valley High’s uniqueness and relevance in today’s education landscape. Tech Valley High School holds national recognition for its successful model of project-based learning.

Arts Center of the Capital Region
Raona’s name is synonymous with the arts in the Capital Region. As the visionary leader of the former Rensselaer County Council on the Arts (RCCA) she worked with staff and volunteers to reimagine the agency and turn the financially struggling “arts council into a thriving ‘arts center.° She is credited as the architect and driving force behind the award-winning regional arts enterprise that anchored the revitalization of downtown Troy.

A Focus on Results
Raona’s motivation lies in developing a vision and helping it grow. She generously shares the wisdom she has gained throughout her distinguished career, as well as her numerous connections, aspiring to be a change agent for the organizations with which she engages.

Raona develops and supports execution of results-oriented business development approaches that leverage key alliances for startups, growing commercial entities, and not-for-profit organizations. In the not-for-profit arena, this could include planning for strategic initiatives that involve fundraising campaigns.

Additionally, today’s charitable givers seek targeted outcomes for their investments. Through strategic philanthropy, Raona applies appropriate research and provides guidance for donors to align their visions with those of recipient organizations for the best possible results