With insightful brand strategy, impactful networking, and actionable guidance, Raona Roy & Company is committed to creating and enhancing growth, profits, and market influence for its entrepreneurial clients, and advancement of mission and long-term legacies for its not-for-profit partners and philanthropists.

Step 1: Discovery

First we get to know you — in depth. We learn about your history and evolution to understand how and why you arrived at where you are today We delve deep into your core competencies and identify what differentiates you in the marketplace. This is where we define who you are and who you think you are.

Step 2: Opportunity Analysis

We leverage more than 25 years of experience in advancing original initiatives, developing procedures, reinventing rules, and collaborating with the region’s best and brightest leaders. Through research interviews and competitive analysis, we plug into a broad representation of sales, financial, marketing, and technology representatives and solicit a cross-section of opinions to shed new light on a plan, inspire a different angle, or reveal an undiscovered opportunity

Step 3: Strategic Blueprint

After getting to know you and gauging the marketplace, we apply creative intelligence to develop a thoughtful and focused strategy with recommendations for implementation toward meaningful benchmarks. With informed clarity we advise, advocate, and connect you with the right partners and collaborators who can help you achieve your vision.

Step 4: Execution

Together, we come to an agreement on the best way to act on a plan. We can work with members of your team to guide implementation or take a more hands-on approach in executing specific aspects of the plan



  • Identify organizational goals and vision through a discovery session.
  • Engage key stakeholders, such as board members, business owners, and staff.



  • Market
  • Competition
  • Feasibility



  • Develop a strategic roadmap that is specific, practical, and actionable and may include:


  • Key partnerships
  • Marketing and fundraising activities
  • Fiscal analysis
  • Identify opportunities and business requirements to support the plan.
  • Identify limitations and solve problems innovatively and creatively.



  • Identify prospects and industries.
  • Interview prospective clients, consumers, and investors.
  • Engage strategic partners, clients, and consumers to secure new business opportunities.